My Best Friend and I've Never Met

With most of my travel, it was hard to keep a constant friendship. I've got many friends, but we'd meet once a month or so. However there is 1 friend that has always been there for the past six decades, and we've never actually met personally. That probably sounds strange to most people, but societal media marketing was beneficial to something (regardless of finding ways to catch a cheater), it helped me to find my bestie.

Social Networking Friends

For lots of people making new friends on social media marketing is the only means they must meet new people. As people grow older, it can be much more difficult to locate people that they have things in accordance with. But on social networking, it's no problem to locate friends that you could bond with within the love of a television show, a devotion to puppies, or any hobbies you may have.

My Julia. |} My bestie. My rock. Who I Met Julia

I met my very best friend in a Facebook group for travellers. With all of my travels along with everything else happening in my life, getting outside to social events wasn't likely to happen. Therefore after I clicked with the other traveler that was on my side of earth within my FB group, I had been excited. Soon we were messaging daily. We then started talking on the telephone and texting. And the friendship just grew from that point.

Long Digital Friendship

Through the years she has shared significant landmarks of my life. She has always been around for me when I needed to chat, or wished to port. We have a weekly friend date where we watch life time pictures or a TV series together on Skype or face time and discuss every thing happening.

I've been there on her too. Since her own life has changed and grown I've been there to the 3 AM horrified telephone calls when among the ways to catch a cheater actually worked and she proved her boy friend had been unfaithful. Of course, the party if she got a brand new job. {If she got engaged, I was the next person that she told.

Online Friendships

The idea that online friendships aren't somehow as legal as if person friendships is ridiculous. Social media gives us the chance to connect very deeply with other folks. It's really a handy method to become familiar with people. Nowadays people are so busy with life. We all think it's impossible to carve out an hour to go have coffee or a drink with a new friend. It's simpler to make time to get face-book messages or internet texts or chats.

But only as the manner that people socialize has changed does not indicate that the essence of friendship has shifted. Even though my very best friend and I have never met personally, I don't have any doubt that she'll always be there for me personally. And I will always be there for her. We're finally meeting in real life though! While I fly to her hometown to help her select a bridal dress next month. I'm glad we found ways to catch a cheater and moved her on to bigger and better things!

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